Ramotim ltd. was established in 1980 as an agencies company serving various industries in Israel, China, Europe and Latin America with different raw materials and semi-finished products.

We have been acting as exclusive agents of reputable manufacturers providing our worldwide customers a top professional service for over than 3 decades.
In the Israeli domestic market Ramotim is today the largest agencies company in the wood panel sector with annual average sales of $20 million dollars.

18 years ago we started our activity in China, focusing on plywood, fibreboard and decorative laminates exported from China. Our staff in China is responsible for inspecting and controlling the quality of practically every delivery sold to our buyers.
At the same time we offer the global market with top quality printed decorative papers and melamine papers for furniture boards and laminated flooring.
Our activity in china is b-directional, servicing buyers in China with hardwood flooring material and logs from South and Central America.

Our office staff in Israel are very proficient and speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Both manufacturers and customers are welcome to benefit from our long experience in the international market and dedicated service.